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 And even though some of you may not have known I was gone, it's great to be back!

2 facts I learned recently

1. Journals count as Deviations, so this officially marks my 99th >_>
2. Statistics are awesome.
    Prior to me submitting this Journal, I had     98 Deviations
                                                                    3,299 Pageviews
    That's a lot of "almost-zeroed" numbers! (even though the Pageviews isn't really all there...)

So posting this Journal and getting comments will definitely mess that up, but if I stay gazing at the beautiful coincidentallity of it, I'll never get any more!

In other, still slightly related news, I have decided that my 99th Deviation is significant enough that it doesn't need to get overshadowed by his older brother, 100, so THIS deviation will go to some of the cooler people on DA that talk to me often and have elbowed their way to the front of my little DeviantArt community! I guess I'll post who they are, why I like them and maybe 1 or 2 of my favorite pieces?
I'll try to keep the amount to a minimum tho. I don't want there to be too many, as some will get ignored, but not too few as some will feel left out. I hope I can hit that sweet spot, but just know that everyone in my friends box is someone you should check out!

Fun fact #3:
Due to discovering who comments on my Deviations, I have a feeling it's the same people I feature that will be the only ones to see this, but if you don't already know each other, consider this a meet and greet that I forced you all to without your knowledge.

To tell you the truth, he's the real reason why I'm doing this. :Dazza-Thim: Has been my animating buddy ever since I joined the forum, Alternate-Platform and he's a great guy with a fiery spirit! Something huge about his works is that they are ALL done with a MOUSE. EVEN his animations! He's coming out with his biggest work yet very soon and has been trying to get the word out, but as far as I can tell, no one except for me has heard of it, so definitely check out his art.
To view his animations, you have to select "All" When you get to his deviations. I don't know why he doesn't just feature them, so I'll have to confront his sorry butt about that `,:I

He gets two Deviations even tho there are a few I'd love to feature
First is his fight against me! It's one of his more recent animations and it's what I found was the most incredible thing to make just using a mouse!…
Lunk Vs Swift by Dazza-Thim
Second is this animation called The Six Million Dollar Stick. It was posted about 3 YEARS ago, but it still holds up the awesomeness!…
The Six Million Dollar Stick by Dazza-Thim

4maya is a poet and she doesn't even know it... well... she actually does. She dabbles in both actually, poetry and prose and so far, hasn't seems to be too partial to either, but everything she writes is very much worth a read. She does some amazing pixel art too, but if I were to tell you to only check that out, I'd be doing you a major disservice. Here's something tho! A feature without featuring. Guess who made the pixel art for my icon! She too is a mouse exclusive which makes her pictures all the more awesome, but once again, her literature is where it's at. This gurl be spittin' wisdom yall ain't nevah seen. :iconshadesplz:
Picking my favorite out of ALL of her poetry is like trying to decide which you like better between ice cream, ice cream, and ice cream. Like... how do you even go about it, so I'm just gonna feature some of my favorite RECENT ones. Feel free to dig deeper because she has some real gems BEYOND the gems!

P.S. 4maya's not afraid to make one of her works simple where it has to be, which I love, but I won't be featuring any of them DUE to their small size. CHECK THEM OUT THO! THAT'S THE WHOLE POINT OF THIS WHOLE THING! LAWD!!…
HeroOne day, I'll save someone from their blackholes.
I'll be swooping in, just in the nick of time
Then I'll take them up snugly into my arms.
And I'm going to make their hearts flutter
Anew with hope.
One day, I'll save someone from their monsters.
I'll be armed and ready, to bash them up good
Then I'll smile and tell them, "They're gone now."
And I'm going to train 'em up so that they can
Fight their own monsters.

One day, I'll save someone from the world.
I'll be there, just waiting to take the weight
Then I'll put it down gently onto the ground.
And I'm going to fix them broken things so
It'll be all right again.

One day, I'll save somebody
Whether they're young or old,
A girl, a boy or even a hermaphrodite.
I'll save anybody at all.
Just you wait.
One day,
I'm gonna be a hero to someone.

So this is called Hero. I can't describe it, because you have to read it for yourself and see what it means to YOU.…
The jumping star    .        . .        .
        .        .      O
   .   .     .        .
      .     .             .
One little star, fell to the ground.
She looked to the sky and she felt down.
Poor little star, she doesn't know what to do.
So she built a catapult and shot herself to the moon.
This little star, fell yet again!
She looked to the sky and she felt blue.
Sad little star, walked to a cliff.
She jumped down and felt herself lift.
         _____ .  .      .  O
               | .   ! .   .   . 
                /   . *   .        

Same for The Jumping Star. We had a relatively long conversation about this one and commenting and telling her your interpretation is always super fun! Comments in general are fun. If you ain't commentin', you ain't living...tin'.

Dabbey is one of the cooler cats on DA. His namesake comes from his original character, Dabbey. He's always updating Dabbey's comic and is currently on page 91, but he's got all kinds of other cool art that he posts and is always up for a game of GetAmped2 (Even tho I have been unable to play with him yet). He does pixel art, animations, and regular art, but his real talent lies in his ability to make awesome characters. I'm probably going to draw some more of his characters after getting done with this 100th special (That girl with the scythe tho) and I've already drawn his nameless self along with mine in my Zero Yikito art.

Since I've been doing two deviations a lot recently, I'll continue the trend and put up two for Dabbey. I won't be doing one of his comics for spoiler reasons, but you know...
This one showcases Dabbey the character…
[Dabbey] - Nope. by DabZen
And this one showcases Dabbey the creator…
[Wondering] ''ArtBlock'' by DabZen

Psycho is another new addition to my circle of friends and just started up his account very recently (although I'm starting to doubt if it is his first account on DA at all...) but it's is immediately apparent that he is NOT new to art. He has his own cool style, but he is very adaptable and can go from Adventure time to MEGA SHOUJO in seconds. I should probably stop calling him Psycho and start calling him Inanae, but Psycho is so much fun! In any case, he's definitely worth a look and I'm sorry that the fact that I only just met you has weakened your special little paragraph. :'I

Why did I even suggest just featuring 1 deviation anyway? Like, what the heck, Past Me?
Anyway, the design is pretty cool and drawn in THIS style really brings out the curiosity and coolness in my opinion. ;3
Christopher Inanae by Psychodeliciousness
THIS is really for you guys checking him out. It showcases the styles that he's pretty great at drawing. If I were to try this, they would just look like the same exact Roxie, but probably with shorter or longer hair... so he's pretty great with the whole versatility thing!
Style Exercise - Ina by Psychodeliciousness

Metal Raven (BKA (Better Known As) Yaima) is another Deviant who I only recently met. I've known her longer than Psycho, but she still holds quite a few mysteries to me, for example: Watching her is one thing, but you'd never know she was a potter too until you looked through her gallery. THEN You'd never know that poetry wasn't even her primary hobby until you looked into her info page! In other words, she's not even going all out guys. She has a very different style compared to 4maya even though they bounce ideas off of each other often and chooses to keep her poems to a medium length to maximize juice potential except when she posts a six-word story in which the juice is all quite refined. If you are the kind to be easily angered by "Thanx for the fav" comments (I'm looking at you Dabbey) You'll have to put that aside for Yaima. I quote, "they [Favorites] really do mean a lot to me so the least I can do is put in the effort to let them know that I am appreciative." and she is very unbending in her ways, so get used to a lot of these if you really like her stuff! C:

Once again, no short poems here, but check them out. Obviously look at her pottery too!!
The first batter up is Weeds. As with 4maya, I will not disclose my thoughts on said piece.
WeedsFor whom am I to concur
That when I glance at roses,
I feel pulls at my heartstrings
And a faint case of nostalgia?
Fairytales and rapture;
Two very absent subjects
Never endowed upon
My rather melancholy upbringing.
This nostalgia is not of my own.
Weeping tiger lilies
Drooping over their dying leaves
Due to excessive hate from the sun
Just as I was, am, from my family.
A rather fatal divorce
Ruined my still-developing
Five year old mind and
Prematurely tainted my soul.
Nostalgia should be removed from my vocabulary.
Living in a bag on a schedule
To one house to school to another house.
It will be twelve years this coming spring
Of having houses but no home.
Time has doubled as did aging,
Not in physicality but mentality.
Death at times, was more inviting
Than sitting down to eat dinner alone.
Nostalgic roses sway.
My heart is the rose bush
Full of emotions fragile like roses
Each has grown and been nurtured
Regardless of color and size
And yet, daily, they are attacked;

You know the drill
PlungeWater engulfs your body
As I watch you jump from the boat
You make my heart beat quickly
When you don’t resurface afloat
I soon jump in after you
Prepared to give up my life
What kind of man would I be
If I didn’t dive in for my wife
There were no beastly Krakens however,
For me to fight off for you
You simply played your hiding game
To see what I would do

Special Mentions
I only just met the guy and we haven't talked much, but this guy has some AMAZING art and not many watchers comparatively. He absolutely deserves a good look

4th Fun Fact of the day-
I took 3 days to finish this Journal because I went all slow like and so, the statistics are now all messed up. >_>
999 comments tho! Who's gonna be the magical #1000?????

5th Fun Fact of the day-
The 1000th was an aniforlife who commented "thank you very much for your fave and watch!"
... I am slightly disappointed, but happy nonetheless!!!
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Jordan Eggleston
Artist | Student | Film & Animation
United States
I really want to be a Game Designer and Animator when I grow up.
I also do not ever want to grow up.

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